Mentorship Program


Peer Mentorship Night took place October 10th, 2018

The peer mentorship program is put on by the NUA and matches first and second year nursing students with a mentor in their third or fourth year. This benefits students in the first two years by giving them a supportive person to talk to who has already gone through the stresses of nursing school, and benefits the older students by giving them someone to pass their wisdom on to and to develop leadership skills.

If you missed the peer mentorship matching night but would like to be involved with the peer mentorship program, please contact us at and our VP Academic will inform you of future events or online partnering options. 

Dear Mentors,

Being a mentor is a volunteering experience that you can put on your resume! It shows leadership, coaching skills, that you are a role model, and that you are also an active, involved member of the Nursing Faculty. 

We need all sorts of mentors - not just necessarily academic. Have you had jobs in nursing? Are you an Honors Student? Do you know how to balance life and school? Please sign up - everyone can help our lovely mentees! 

It is a way of leaving a legacy. As a mentor, you get to pass down your wisdom to the next generation of nursing students. You are in a position to make a great difference in another student’s life and may even influence their nursing careers to come!

Dear Mentee,

You are never alone during your quest to become a nurse! Need support and missed out on the offical mentorship event? Email and we'll try to connect you with a mentor :) 

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